Functional Specialization Seminars | April 2011

Greetings All Seminar Two Adventurers! by Phil McShane

by phil.mcshane 26. April 2011 18:44

Greetings All Seminar Two Adventurers!

We begin, each in our way and with our own pace, this, the most difficult of the first 24 seminars - the 25th is quite a different ballpark, dealing with the Ultimate Exigence. Why is it thus? Because it tackles the massive gap between the low point of descriptive nudging in Method chapter 7 and the Insight high point of the second canon of hermeneutics. The grasping of, and being communally grasped by, that canon, marks the transition to the serious science of Functional Methodology. Remember that methodology is to zoology what method is to particular animals: a sobering parallel.

But I wish to be brief. We begin formally in April 27th, the day I - and others of us - travel to the LA Conference. Let us take that event as what, in May, I am going to interpret, and interpret to you [already here there are tricky questions relating to the two treatments of interpretation, Method 7 and Insight 17.3 ]. What is this LA conference? Or more simply, how do I read the program, which I attach.

Have a shot at interpreting that program for yourself and to others, first with an eye on Method chapter 7, then with an eye on The Sketch and "Some Canons for a Methodical Hermeneutics" (Insight, 608-616) but particularly Canon 2. You may find it easier - less close to the bone - to take some other program, or to go back to Fusion 15," The September 2009 Voegelin Conference: Muddles",   where I give that program with comments. The LA program I sent out by email.

That should be enough even for those with Easter Leisure! Send me your questions so that I can tackle them and reply on Thursday May 5th, when we have our first Q. and A. session of this Seminar. AND of course, you may read Fuse 10 to get our fuller context!




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